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Pioneering partnership begins as LLR ICS launches 16 digital pathways

By on July 29, 2022

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care System has partnered with Spirit Health to deliver healthcare at home across 16 clinical pathways.

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Digital Health Transformation Specialists Wanted 

By on July 13, 2022

We are thrilled to launch our search for clinical and operational experts to come and play a key part in the digital healthcare revolution.

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New research: Over 1,000 bed days saved with virtual ward

By on June 30, 2022

Our latest research to evaluate the economic impact of a virtual ward has shown significant financial savings, and over 1000 bed days saved versus a traditional ward.

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Time for transformation: Reaction to the Plan for Digital Health and Social Care

By on June 29, 2022

We share our reaction and summary of the Plan for Digital Health and Social Care, which outlines the transformative programme of reforms to meet the growing need for preventative, personalised care.

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5 small steps to building a frailty virtual ward

By on June 28, 2022

Following our live panel discussion, and based on our experience of launching a frailty virtual ward, we share the 5 small steps to successfully launching a frailty virtual ward.

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Behind the scenes: Working at Spirit for 10 years

By on June 17, 2022

Alison has been at Spirit from almost the very beginning. As she hits her 10-year anniversary mark, she talks us through her Spirit journey.

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Spirit exhibit at events across the UK 

By on June 17, 2022

The Spirit family have been travelling across the UK to attend and exhibit at different healthcare and healthtech conferences.

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Small talk with Selma Abed: Why medicines optimisation is so much more than just addressing cost efficiencies

By on June 17, 2022

I have had a lot of conversations about how quickly so much has changed, especially when navigating our everyday workloads […]

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5 lessons we learnt from our virtual ward launch

By on June 14, 2022

Following a successful virtual ward rollout in Leicester, we share the 5 biggest lessons learnt by us and our NHS partners along the way.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme launched in East and South-East Staffordshire!

By on June 13, 2022

This is Spirit Health’s first pulmonary rehabilitation physical exercise and education programme service, and we are thrilled to be working with the Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Staffordshire area.

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Spirit Win Advances in Digital Healthcare Award

By on June 9, 2022

After winning the regional awards in January, Spirit scoop up the national Medilink UK award for ‘Advances in Digital Healthcare’.

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Top 5 tips for engaging your clinical team with virtual wards

By on June 6, 2022

The success of your virtual ward hinges on the engagement of your clinical team, but how do you get it? Here were share our 5 top tips for securing clinical buy-in.

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