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Whitepaper: Empowering Everyone in the Bowel Cancer Care Ecosystem, End-to-End

By on September 14, 2022

Read about how a “pop-up” group of healthcare workers & patients joined forces to identify innovative ideas to tackle the urgent societal need for improved colorectal cancer care.

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Top 5 tips for engaging your clinical team with virtual wards

By on June 6, 2022

The success of your virtual ward hinges on the engagement of your clinical team, but how do you get it? Here were share our 5 top tips for securing clinical buy-in.

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Digitising Clinical Pathways: Why is co-design so important?

By on May 5, 2022

What is co-design, and why is it important when it comes to digitising clinical pathways? Dr Noel O’Kelly explores why.

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