Expanding NHS workforce capacity to improve the ability to make savings

By on September 21, 2021

There are many competing priorities for medicines management. Enhancing capacity by working with commercial partners with aligned interests, who follow an agreed robust process can enable greater scale and additional priority activities to take precedence.

We are delighted to be taking part in the Clinical Pharmacy Congress (CPC) and are excited to meet with existing and potential future partners face-to-face to share how this approach has enabled Spirit to deliver savings for the NHS. Anyone unable to attend is encouraged to contact us and re-connect virtually.

We will be showcasing a recent Active Implementation project with Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG that reduced the mean unit cost per item prescribed by 18% over 12 months.1 This builds on numerous case studies we have completed over the last decade that have delivered guaranteed savings in partnership with the NHS.

Often, prescribing initiatives fall by the wayside as frontline staff and NHS teams are stretched. As we emerge from the pandemic, the challenges have never been more significant. Spirit’s solution is to work with our customers to provide an innovative and effective way of working that allows workforce capacity to be released, whilst delivering results.

At Spirit, we’re different. We don’t believe in sales reps, complexity, or one-off interventions. We do believe in long-term partnerships, delivering bespoke Medicines Optimisation solutions. Our approach saves time and money without compromising quality.

A partnership-based approach: We start with a conversation that has our customer’s needs at its heart. We don’t send swarms of sales reps to customers to sell product. Our approach helps identify opportunities to free up resource, improve patient outcomes and save money.

Workforce release: Our Spirit Medicines Optimisation team work with our customers to analyse patient data. Our team of pharmacists, nurses and technicians carry out clinical audits and patient reviews for them.

Guaranteed savings: Not only does our service save money through workforce release, but we also have quality product ranges within the Spirit portfolio that helps save money without compromising care. Our existing projects can save the NHS an estimated £142m annually.2 

Long term support: When we work together, we don’t run for the hills once the job is done and miraculously reappear when we have something else to sell. We work with our customers to ensure that we have implemented brilliantly, evaluated performance, and if needed, fine-tuned things. We then regularly work with them to identify the next challenge to help source a solution. 

Our customers have a positive experience working with us and build long-term relationships to deliver improvements continually. But don’t just take our word for it: 

“Spirit have the ability to make the complex simple. They take the time to understand requirements, create a simple solution and then they implement that simple solution well.”

Head of Medicines Management at a London CCG 


Spirit businesses have saved the NHS millions of pounds and improved the lives of thousands of patients. Whether it’s through medicines optimisation programmes, high quality primary care provision, or market-leading digital health services. 

Spirit Health is a forward-looking healthcare organisation with a family ethos and we deliver amazing results. Our award-winning products and services are underpinned by market-leading technology and a refreshing, unique approach to healthcare. 

Our mission is to make health easy for healthcare services and patients, by seeking alternative perspectives, implementing effective solutions, and delivering on our promises, always! 


Contact details: Angelina Thorne angelina.thorne@spirit-health.com 


1 – Partnership working with Spirit Health Group in Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG, data on file, Spirit Health, HEA3990SEP21 

2 – Data on file, Spirit Healthcare, September 2021 


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