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With the new financial year firmly underway, medicines optimisation teams are busy working to achieve their work plans to achieve prescribing savings and improve patient care.

By on May 24, 2023

With the new financial year firmly underway, medicines optimisation teams are busy working to achieve their work plans to achieve prescribing savings and improve patient care. It can often feel like the importance of realising these savings is at an all-time high, given the current economic climate alongside the NHS’s workforce crisis.

There can also be added pressure on realising these savings due to the fact this money can be funnelled back into the system to relieve pressures elsewhere or meet objectives elsewhere. But, with capacity and resources stretched, particularly at Primary Care level, the task of putting these plans into action has never been more challenging.

Those working within Primary Care are having to meet unprecedented demand. Therefore, the workload involved in executing medicines optimisation programmes and projects can be hard to squeeze in. Whether that’s patient reviews, prescription switches and consultations, it only adds to their demanding everyday workload. With these capacity issues in play, the task of engaging and influencing those working within Primary Care to carry out these projects can be difficult; particularly given that they will have different priorities and objectives of their own.

But the work within medicines optimisation has never been more important. Not only will it see the NHS spend money more effectively, it will also help achieve improvements within patient care. As a result, despite the challenges and hurdles we all face, it’s worth pursuing solutions that see us navigates those challenges and reap the benefits.

Active Implementation

Active Implementation is our end-to-end service, designed around you to implement your desired changes quickly and effectively with minimal disruption felt at Primary Care level. We provide the support to realise the potential of your objectives and ensure their longevity.

Active Implementation is rolled out through our large national workforce of Pharmacists, Nurses and Project Managers. These professionals deliver the audits and reviews while working with patients directly and maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with GPs and all stakeholders, freeing up time for Primary Care workers to focus on their everyday workloads.

With Active Implementation, medicines optimisation teams and project stakeholders benefit from a collaborative and transparent service. Additionally, as we use our workforce on the ground, changes can be made quickly and with quality patient outcomes at the heart of delivery.

“From the beginning to the end of my time working with Spirit, I found all the team members very professional and responsive. The monthly catch-ups were always informative and used smart IT systems that made compiling summaries of progress being made really easy. The team worked well with practice staff and accommodated practice-specific requests with ease.”

Carolyn Barton, Lead Pharmacist, Cheshire and Merseyside ICB – Knowsley Place

How can Active Implementation work for me?

Active Implementation is designed specifically around you and the challenges that you face. We have experience in delivering the service across a multitude of therapy areas. Our flexible approach also applies to funding models, whether that’s a simple day rate, risk/gain share, or even delivered as a complimentary service when the project involves one of our many Spirit product ranges.

One of the biggest financial advantages of using Active Implementation is the savings it can provide. A study found that using Active Implementation could deliver 700% greater savings compared to those where the practice manages prescription change*. This is a significant difference and demonstrates the effectiveness of the service.

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Active Implementation is an effective and cost-efficient way to realise your full potential. So, to really get the most from your savings targets, why not allow our experienced team to swing into action?

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* Swift J et al. Implementing formulary change in diabetes. British Journal Health Care Management 2016; 23 (4)

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