Launching Spirit Digital

By on September 21, 2018

Announcing the birth of another Spirit family company

Spirit Health Group announces the formation of its new business, Spirit Digital, which has been created with the aim of overcoming the challenges in today’s healthcare environment through the use of digitally connected care platforms.

Spirit Digital will work with its healthcare customers, including Commissioners and Clinicians, to implement forward-thinking care models that extend care access, improve quality and lower the cost of care. Through these proven models, Spirit Digital will help enable healthcare systems to extend high quality care to patients throughout their journey across the care spectrum.

Technology is an essential component in addressing challenges facing today’s health care environment, including driving timely, proactive interventions, minimising the potential need for more acute costly care and enabling sustainable long-term outcomes success. Spirit’s digital platform paves the way for system-wide improvement help health care systems optimise the use of their clinician skills and resources, while removing geographic and mobility barriers often presented by in-person visits. Spirit Digital’s innovate service will help minimise the potential need for more acute, costly care, and enable sustainable long-term outcomes.

Chris Barker, Chief Executive of Spirit Health Group said “It is such an exciting time for the digital health industry and Spirit Digital is at the forefront of an exciting evolution. The organisation will be focussed on increasing patient access to care and promote greater provider-patient collaboration. Through using our technology, we will be able to support forward-thinking care models that drive timely, proactive intervention that will make better use of clinical resource, improve costs and empower patients to improve the management of their conditions.”

Spirit Digital will continue to play an active part in Spirit Health Group’s ongoing mission to make the nation healthier and happier by delivering real value in healthcare – empowering people to take control of their health, make best use of NHS resources and utilise new technology.

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