Technology to transform patient care

CliniTouch Vie is our award-winning digital health platform that powers real-time remote monitoring and virtual wards to enable the digitisation of multiple clinical pathways.

Sitting at the heart of the interaction between patients and clinicians, our platform helps to shift care from hospitals into homes. Featuring powerful algorithms that automatically risk-score data, longitudinal health trends, video and messaging functionality, and an education suite to empower patients to self-manage, CliniTouch Vie is a tried and tested digital health solution.

Backed by proven, published evidence and real, human support, our clinically-led platform enables you to provide brilliant virtual care.
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Why choose CliniTouch Vie?

We're proud to have published, proven, and peer-reviewed evidence that CliniTouch Vie delivers results. From improved patient and clinical outcomes, to increased capacity and cost savings across the system, you can rest assured that our platform is tried and tested.

Reduced emergency admissions

CliniTouch Vie has been proven to help patients better manage their condition from home, resulting in a 67.5% reduction in emergency admissions for COPD patients

Improved caseload management

Our prioritised patient dashboard means clinical teams can be smarter about how they use their resource and manage larger caseloads more efficiently

Proven cost savings across multiple pathways

Our platform provides a significant return on investment, with evidence showing that for every £1 spent on CliniTouch Vie, £4.84 was returned in savings net of all costs

(1) Swift, J. et al, 2022. An evaluation of a virtual COVID-19 ward to accelerate the supported discharge of patients from an acute hospital setting. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 28(1), pp.7-15.
(2) NHSX. 2022. Remote monitoring for patients with chronic conditions in the Midlands. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 January 2022].

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Our latest research

As published in the British Journal of Healthcare Management, a virtual ward - powered by CliniTouch Vie - increased hospital respiratory ward capacity by 40% in the midst of the pandemic bed crisis.

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Introduction to CliniTouch Vie

From our patient and clinician dashboards, to key features and benefits, take a closer look at CliniTouch Vie in this quick introduction video:

Flexible workforce support, your way

We know that getting the right workforce in place is crucial. You need safe clinical hands, with staff who are trained, confident in using the technology, and supported to manage additional caseloads.

That is why our in-house clinical monitoring team is available to provide you with the flexible workforce you need – however, and whenever you need it.

We can support the launch whilst you find your feet, provide a wraparound service for weekend monitoring, or work as an extension of your team. At Spirit, we can provide the experienced clinical support you need, for as long as you need it.
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How it works

CliniTouch Vie can enable the digitisation of any clinical pathway, and sits at the heart of the interaction between patients and their clinical teams.


Patients complete question sets and records vital sign readings directly into CliniTouch Vie from the comfort of their own home.


Unique algorithms automatically analyse and risk-score the data, highlighting when any patient moves outside the agreed parameters.

Clinical Team

The clinician dashboard features a prioritised patient list with a red, amber, green rating to highlight where action may be required.

Key features

Our configurable and scalable technology means we can provide locally-suited digital care models, with core features and functionality including:

  • Accessible on any internet-ready device
  • Messaging and video call capabilities
  • Real-time analysis of patient data
  • Education suite tailored to each pathway
  • Longitudinal health trend data
  • Combination of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Integrated, real-time air quality data
  • Unlimited patients per clinician licence

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Any condition, any pathway

Our configurable platform approach means CliniTouch Vie can be used to support multiple clinical pathways. Take a closer look at some of our most popular pathways, alongside other therapy areas that could benefit from our technology.

Mental Health


Pulmonary Rehabilitation


+ more…

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