Reducing heart failure admissions with technology

Heart failure admissions have reached record levels in the UK, rising three times faster than any other condition1. Once admitted, the average length of stay is rising too. We can help you to tackle both challenges with remote patient monitoring

CliniTouch Vie enables you to monitor your patients for early signs of deterioration. Whilst they stay in the comfort of their own home, you have access to all the clinical data you need. The result? Fewer home visits, reduced emergency admissions and more efficient patient care2.

We started using digital technology to support heart failure patients in 2014. So whether it’s long-term monitoring, or providing a virtual ward post-discharge, we’re here to help. 

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Results & feedback

We've been supporting people with heart failure to monitor and self-manage since 2014. As part of our evaluations, we're proud to gather feedback from patients on their experiences using CliniTouch Vie, and the impact it has had.


relative reduction in diastolic blood pressure, from 70.6 to 68.3, 2.4mmHg-1 (2)


of patients said they would recommend CliniTouch Vie to a friend or family member (2)


of patients said that CliniTouch Vie helped them to not need to visit their GP (2)

(1) 2022. Heart failure hospital admissions rise by a third in five years. [online] Available at: <>
(2) Virtual Community Ward deployment within Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, 12 Week evaluation report. September 2020.

"It's now really become embedded within our service"

The COVID-19 pandemic saw Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust increase its use of digital technology, including for heart failure patients in the community. As featured in an NHSX case study, Joanne Szymkowiak, a heart failure specialist nurse, and Tanzeem Adam, a heart failure and respiratory rehabilitation team leader, reflect on how the technology has changed their ways of working.

Case Study: Reducing face-to-face home visits

During the pandemic, community heart failure teams at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust needed new ways to care for their patients, without seeing them face-to-face. Find out how CliniTouch Vie helped to deliver continuity of care.

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