Digitising clinical pathways

From supporting people with long-term conditions to enabling virtual wards, remote patient monitoring provides convenient, accessible, and cost-effective care.

Using our CliniTouch Vie platform, we enable you to digitise any number of clinical pathways to help keep patients out of hospital. Combining patient monitoring, self-management, and education, we provide all the clinical data you need in one place, with a prioritised dashboard to help clinical teams to manage caseloads more effectively. 

Plus, with published, proven results and our commitment to working collaboratively to co-design solutions that stick, you can trust that we’ll deliver, brilliantly.

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"An optimisation of medical management. Absolutely, there's no doubt about it"

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has utilised CliniTouch Vie since 2012, but what impact do digital solutions have on the NHS? Here, Professor Sudip Ghosh, Consultant Physician and Deputy Medical Director, explores the three main benefits of using digital technology to support patient care. 

Proven evidence of success

We’re proud to have published evidence that shows improved patient and clinical outcomes, alongside significant cost savings, when using CliniTouch Vie to remotely monitor patients.


of patients felt more confident about being able to manage their condition (1)


reduction in unscheduled emergency admissions when using CliniTouch Vie (1)


return on investment when using CliniTouch Vie to remotely monitor patients (2)

1 Ghosh S, O’Kelly N, Roberts EJ et al. Combined interventions for COPD admissions within an urban setting. BJHCM: 2016;3:122–131.
2 Ghosh, S., O’Kelly, N., Weir, A., Roberts, E.J., Barker, C. and Swift, J. A cost-saving intervention for patients with severe breathlessness. British Journal of Healthcare Management 2018; 24:2-4


Case Study

Using CliniTouch Vie to remotely monitor COPD and heart failure patients during the pandemic, resulting in fewer face-to-face visits whilst still providing brilliant continuity of care.

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Supporting multiple pathways

Remote patient monitoring can be used to effectively manage patients across multiple conditions and pathways. Take a closer look at some of the pathways in our library:



Heart Failure




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