Providing acute care, at home

No-one should stay in hospital for longer than they need to, and with acute capacity at a crucial tipping point, virtual wards are an effective solution to provide at-home care. 

Powered by our award-winning CliniTouch Vie platform, our scalable virtual ward solution is already in use across the NHS. From enabling patients to be safely discharged from hospital sooner, to helping provide an alternative to admission, we deliver brilliant at-home care for patients across multiple conditions and pathways. 

Plus, with an in-house clinical monitoring team on-hand to provide flexible workforce support for your virtual ward – we’ve got everything you need to get started.

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"They know someone is keeping an eye on them"

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has been using CliniTouch Vie since November 2020 to provide a virtual ward service, helping COVID-19 patients to be discharged from hospital sooner. As featured in an NHSX case study, hear from Daisy Savage as she explains how the technology is lowering readmission rates and giving patients more confidence.

Published evidence & proven results

Our published evidence shows improved patient and clinical outcomes, increased capacity, and cost savings when using CliniTouch Vie to power a virtual ward.


Reduction in the average length of hospital stay (1)


Reduction in re-admission rate when using a virtual ward (2)


Estimated savings per patient when using a virtual ward (1)

(1) Swift, J. et al, 2022. An evaluation of a virtual COVID-19 ward to accelerate the supported discharge of patients from an acute hospital setting. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 28(1), pp.7-15.
(2) NHSX. 2022. Remote monitoring for patients with chronic conditions in the Midlands. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 January 2022].

Virtual Ward Launch Guide

The continued rollout of virtual wards whilst ensuring patient care is vital within the NHS. Our free launch guide is here to help, with tips, templates, patient stories, and evidence, all learned whilst delivering an NHS virtual ward.

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Supporting multiple pathways

Take a closer look at some of our clinical pathways where virtual wards could help provide brilliant care for your patients.



Heart Failure




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