CliniTouch Vie

Our evidence-based digital health platform uses remote monitoring and patient empowerment to help people stay out of hospital.

Patients find it easy to use, and usage improves self-management behaviours.

Hear A Patient’s View from one of our CliniTouch Vie users.

CliniTouch Vie supports your healthcare team to actively monitor patients safely, enabling prioritised focus on those who need support.

CliniTouch Vie already supports the following pathways and conditions:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and respiratory services
  • Heart failure services
  • Frailty patients and care home healthcare
  • Early discharge and post surgery services


We continue to expand our digital service provision into other long-term condition areas.

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Why choose CliniTouch Vie?

  • Our award-winning proven model of care and extensive experience of project implementation delivers results for both patients and the healthcare community.
  • It proactively promotes health and wellbeing using cloud-based technology from the comfort of a patient’s own home.
  • It delivers real efficiencies in case management for providers, and generates cost savings through reduced hospital admissions.

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