Insupen Original

NHS England recommends prescribing pen needles under £5 per box1. In a recent analysis, we found that less than 5% of CCGs have a mean average price of less than £52.

Insupen Original is priced at £2.49 (Pack of 100), complies with ISO 11608 and additional self-imposed quality tests, to ensure quality without compromise3,4.

From June 2022, we are introducing a 4mm x 33G needle to the range making Insupen Original the finest and most cost-effective pen needle range on the market. The 4mm x 33g offers patients the option of a pen needle designed to minimise discomfort at a ground-breaking sustainable price to the NHS of £2.49.

Make prescribing savings quickly

Spirit offers a FREE implementation service to drive down the cost of prescribing, without impacting your valuable time and resources.

Cost savings

The average CCG can save 43% on their annual pen needle spend by adopting Insupen Original2.






Making use of our Active Implementation service has been proven to deliver 700% greater savings than when leaving prescription changes to be managed at practice level without support5. We are experts at mobilisation and do the work for you. Other patient reviews can be conducted at the same time.


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Product details

Insupen Original is available in 5 lengths and 5 gauges to match patient need. They are precision engineered to reduce friction points and have a wide internal diameter for efficient insulin administration.

Supporting materials

Download our Insupen Original information leaflet.


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