Taking the load off

Our mantra is to make health easy. This means we’re always looking at ways to help take the load off medicines optimisation teams at a time when resources and budgets are being squeezed.

Working with medicines optimisation teams to deliver programmes specific to them is what we do best. However, we can’t do this without some brilliant tools that are readily available to the NHS.

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Tools & Services

While always looking to provide tailored versions of our offering, the following ‘off the shelf’ services act as a good starting point for many of our projects.

Prescribing Savings Audit

Identify areas which need attention.

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Spirit Evalua

Free, online data analysis tool.

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Active Implementation

Full end-to-end process capability.

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Prescribing Savings Audit

We’re offering medicines optimisation teams across the UK a free, no obligation prescribing savings audit. We take a detailed look at your prescribing spend and quickly identify therapy areas where you’re possibly overspending. Quick wins requiring less resource and time to action are identified.  Plus, larger scale programmes that require more time and resource but deliver greater savings, are also revealed.

You may think that you already have the data and expertise within your current team to deliver this yourselves. Great thing is, we’re offering to do this for you quicker to free up your time and give you something tangible and useful to work from.

Carried out remotely for limited disruption

Compares spend to 25th percentile ICBs and Health Boards

Highlights quick wins

Identifies extensive, impactful projects

Presented back to you within 3 weeks

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Spirit Evalua

Inundated with too much data and not enough time? No problem, because Spirit Evalua is your new go-to data analysis tool. With Evalua, Medicines Optimisation teams can quickly explore a range of NHS datasets within a simple and digestible format, including prescribing, HES and QOF data. Developed with industry experts, it is free, online and easy to use.

Evalua brings key data together in one place, in a format that is easy to use and analyse. The secure portal allows you to explore the data you need to quickly identify potential opportunities to improve patient care and make efficiencies. With Spirit Evalua, you can:

Analyse the last 12 months of prescribing spend

Within therapy area, organisation and location.

See potential savings in line with the 25th or 50th percentile prescribing performance

Helping to highlight areas of focus for you and your team against similar organisations within a given therapy area.

Highlight potential areas of health inequality

See the variation in prescribing spend against location deprivation scores.

View five years’ worth of national and regional disease data*

Through prevalence, quality and economic details. *Currently, COPD and AF.

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Active Implementation

A full, end to end process that ensures new formularies or guidelines are implemented successfully and all without causing disruption within the system.

Our Active Implementation service turns a basic formulary change into a successful programme to deliver efficiencies and improves the quality of patient care. We provide the resource needed through our national team of Pharmacists, Technicians and Project Managers to deliver:

Clinical audits

Medication reviews

Clinical training

Patient reviews

What is Active Implementation?

To help explain things further, here is a quick overview of Active Implementation.

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