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Our Pharmacy solutions

We know that the NHS is a complex, dynamic, multi-faceted organisation that can be a real challenge to access. Spirit Pharmacy is a solution focused division of the Spirit family, dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical industry and associated companies to access to the NHS market. With our proven support packages, we can help you transform your engagement with the NHS.


Improving Market Access Meetings

We work with you to identify the gaps in patient care and understand the solutions required to meet your market.

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Models and Simulations

We build models and simulations to show the value of your brand.

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Data and Pathway Analysis

We analyse real NHS data to help you understand the market.

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Digital Solutions

We develop digital solutions, such as CliniTouch Vie, that enable, connect and empower patients.

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Evidence of success

At Spirit, we’re committed to offering excellent services, and where possible we measure our success.

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Commissioning Digital Services

We run workshops for NHS service and finance managers, commissioning and clinical leads on commissioning digital services to help them successfully introduce a new digital pathway.

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We understand the NHS

We understand how the NHS plans, prioritises, purchases and delivers services – we also implement change in the NHS, so we know how to get things done.

The NHS is constantly changing, and we use our expertise to help pharmaceutical companies understand how best to access the market in a way that benefits the industry, the NHS and patients.

The Spirit Family of Companies

Since 2009, we have been working tirelessly to improve healthcare services.

We have grown into a family of companies and every single one of us is striving to help make the world a healthier and happier place.

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