Great for needle-phobics

The InsuJet™is used to administer insulin without a needle, making it an ideal option for patients with a phobia of needles.

The jet injector device fires insulin at high pressure through a small hole – this creates a high-speed jet that can penetrate the skin and underlying tissue. The pressure is generated by a powerful spring inside the device which is optimised for subcutaneous insulin delivery.

Faster absorption

With needle injections, insulin is simply pushed through the skin and is more concentrated in a droplet. The InsuJet™ needle free injection disperses insulin in the subcutaneous tissue, where it spreads in a cone-like formation to maximise absorption into the circulation.

Accelerated uptake

Insulin administered by InsuJet™ shows activity after just 15 minutes – much faster than traditional insulin injections. It also more closely resembles endogenous insulin secretion, meaning that using the InsuJet™ may help reduce HbA1C levels.

No safety concerns over needle usage

Studies have shown that 40% of users dispose of used needles inappropriately, and 32% re-use needles more than six times, potentially causing damage to the needle and the skin. The InsuJet™, as a needleless injection, removes this risk entirely.

No errors in dosage or technique

When it comes to glucose control, the injection technique of an individual is just as important as the correct type and dose of insulin. Poor technique can increase the risk of instramuscular injections, while imprecise doses can result in fluctuating glycaemic levels. The InsuJet™ allows for consistency and accuracy.


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Supporting materials

Download our InsuJet™ instruction manual.

Step-by-step Video Instruction

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