Medlance Plus

Medlance safety lancets are simple, sterile and easy to use. Gentle on the puncture site, they can be used for most types of blood sampling.

Enhanced safety features

A self-destructing component activates after use, meaning the lancet cannot be reused – dramatically reducing the risk of needlestick injury.

Efficient design

The ultra-sharp needles are ideally positioned during skin penetration to provide adequate blood flow.

A wide range

Medlance safety lancets are available in four versions:

  • Medlance Plus Lite – this provides the smallest blood sample, and is ideal for blood glucose sampling
  • Medlance Plus Universal – ideal for larger blood samples for testing the likes of hemoglobin, coagulation, cholesterol and blood gas
  • Medlance Plus Extra – particularly good for patients with tough skin
  • Medlance Plus Special – uniquely designed with an ultra-sharp blade to provide the largest blood sample
(pack of 200)
Medlance plus Lite 25 1.5 £11.40
Medlance Plus Universal 21 1.8 £11.40
Medlance Plus Extra 21 2.5 £11.40
Medlance Plus Special 0.8
2.0 £11.40

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