Urine Testing Strips

We provide uniquely designed, accurate and cost-effective urine test strips to enable both healthcare professionals and individuals to detect and monitor disease.

Our Mission Urinalysis Reagent Testing Strips are a rapid screening tool for the detection of either 1, 8 or 10 analytes on one strip.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use – Just dip and read – no instrument needed
  • Rapid results – 30 seconds to 2 minutes
  • High quality colour chart: Superior European-produced colour charts provide consistent, dependable readings
  • Flexible: Available in up to 10 parameters
  • Consistent quality: 2 year shelf life


Our urine test strips offer significant savings over others. Compare the pack sizes and costs below:

Clinical information

Mission Urinalysis received a Score of 92% for Clinical Acceptability for the NHS in England.1

When comparing specificity the Mission Urine Reagent Range of urinalysis strips has a favourable specificity profile in comparison to leading brands.2

In a recent comparison, Mission URS scored higher than the market leading product for ease of use and interpretation.3 – Download the full comparison report.

Training and support

Used widely throughout the United Kingdom in primary and secondary care, we have a free 24/7 support line for information and advice to support use of our Mission products, including our urine analysis strips.

1. NHS supply chain urine strips study report V3 -6-1-2009 issued for tender number 2009/s-209-300338
2. British Journal of Biomedical Science November 2010 issue Point of care testing special supplement
3. Comparison of pack inserts

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