Blood Glucose


Many of our successful Medicines Optimisation Programmes have included provision of efficient and effective blood glucose testing equipment. Our CareSens Dual and TEE2+ models provide an extensive range of benefits for both healthcare providers and end users.

Supporting materials

CareSens Dual fact sheet


CareSens Dual user manual


TEE2+ fact sheet


TEE2+ user manual


Quality and accuracy

All our blood glucose meters guarantee the highest quality and levels of accuracy. Simple to use with no setup required, they:

  • Have proven accuracy to the latest ISO standards
  • Show results within 5 seconds
  • Only require a small sample size – 0.5μl or less
  • Meet DVLA memory requirements
  • Work with SmartLog software and Diasend

Huge cost savings

Using our blood sugar monitors is incredibly cost-effective, providing real savings without compromising on quality.

The average CCG could make an annual saving of £372,381 when you switch to our TEE2+ and CareSens Dual meters. If you would like our health economist to calculate the savings your CCG or health board could make, please contact us.

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