Almost 50% of people with diabetes say they would be more likely to follow their prescribed insulin regime if injecting was less painful. With the Insupen, that can be a reality.

Finer needles for less pain

With a diameter of just 0.23mm, Insupen 32G needles cause less trauma and improves the comfort of injecting. This is because thinner needles require less pressure to penetrate the skin.

Thin-wall technology also means that the internal diameter of the needle pen is as large as possible to optimise the administration of insulin.

Widest range

Insupen has the most comprehensive range on the market. Available in five lengths and three different gauges, there’s an insulin delivery pen that suits almost all users.

High quality

Manufactured by Artsana, the third largest pen needle producer in the world, Insupen needles are of the highest quality. They’re subject to rigorous quality tests and meet all relevant international standards of compliance.

Incredible cost savings

The Insupen can provide incredible savings for your CCG. All 29G, 31G and 32G Insupen needles cost just £5.95 for a pack of 100 – that’s an average saving of £51,000 a year, based on 100% change.

If you would like to find out more about our range of fine insulin pen needles and how our Medicines Optimisation Programmes can work for your CCG or Health Board, please contact us.

Supporting materials

Download our Insupen patient information leaflet.

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