Shaping the Future of Urology Prescribing

Prescribing catheters, sheaths and urine bags costs the NHS over £221m per annum¹. It is estimated that 14 million people in the UK are living with some form of bladder problem² and that over 50% of patients in care homes have bladder problems, with incontinence being a significant reason for care home admissions3. We believe this is an area that can be prescribed more efficiently.

Our SpiritCare Urology range is estimated to save the NHS over a third on like-for-like products. Check out the full range of products and their prices below. Alternatively, you can learn how we successfully implement these to patients and manage every aspect of the transition through Spirit Implement.

1 GP Practice Prescribing Data to April 2021

2 Buckley, B. S., & Lapitan, M. C. M. (2009) Prevalence of urinary and faecal incontinence and
nocturnal enuresis and attitudes to treatment and help seeking amongst a community-based
representative sample of adults in the United Kingdom. International journal of clinical practice,
63(4), 568-573.

3 Kings Fund (2014) Admission to a nursing home can never become a ‘never’ event.

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Our complimentary Active Implementation team of trained pharmacists and nurses will review the data, carry out audits and explore the potential for savings, working with stakeholders to agree the project scope and parameters. 

Mobilisation is within 2 – 4 weeks of workflow sign-off. We do the work for you, enabling medicines optimisation teams to be redeployed to other projects.

Would you like to know the savings for your area?

Our health economist evaluated the potential cost savings by including Spirit Urology comparable products into local formularies. Please ask us to find out your local savings. Spirit Urology includes products across these categories:

  • Intermittent Catheter
  • Long Term Foley Catheter
  • Leg Bags
  • Night Drainage Bag
  • Incontinence Sheaths

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