Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme launched in East and South-East Staffordshire!

We are pleased to announce that a brand-new pulmonary rehabilitation programme has gone live across two NHS areas: East Staffordshire and South-East Staffordshire.

By on June 13, 2022

This is Spirit Health’s first pulmonary rehabilitation physical exercise and education programme service, and we are thrilled to be working with the Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Staffordshire area.

This programme is designed for people with chronic lung conditions who experience symptoms of breathlessness. It focuses on tailored physical exercise and information that helps people to better understand and manage their condition and symptoms. Patients are referred to this programme by their healthcare professional.

“Having worked in pulmonary rehab before, I’m really excited to be able to work with patients, teaching them techniques to build up their muscles, help their breathing long-term and empower them to manage their condition. It’s the best feeling when a patient comes to you and says something like “I mowed my lawn today!” because it shows that you’ve really helped them with their breathing which has allowed them to do everyday tasks that they couldn’t do before.”

Claire Butler – Technical Instructor

Patients start with an initial assessment with the pulmonary rehabilitation team over the phone and then have the choice of doing the programme:

  1. Face-to-face using our service local to them.
  2. From home from their laptop/tablet/smart phone, using our platform, CliniTouch Vie.

The programme is for six weeks and includes two hours a week on two separate days plus exercises at home.

“This is an exciting, brand-new programme provided by our brilliant pulmonary rehabilitation team. By offering community-based and online courses, we have the opportunity to help even more patients, making it accessible for all. This has been a huge team effort as always – a big well done to everyone who has worked and is working to deliver exceptional patient care through this new service.”

Claire Pridige, Education Services Manager

Educational topics include the importance of exercise, treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), healthy eating and wellbeing, and living with COPD. Once the patient has been on our 6-week course, they are then discharged back to their GP.

As always with our services, our mission is to make health easy and empower patients who attend our courses to feel refreshed and ready to manage their condition safely and proactively.


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