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CliniTouch Vie – improving outcomes for patients and supporting healthcare providers.

Our digital health solutions are proven to improve patient self-management and keep people out of hospital.
We have a number of published reports and evidence.


Leicester TotalCare Study

In our Leicester City TotalCare COPD service, we showed a 67% reduction in admissions when a patient was using our Clinitouch Vie service, working in parallel with health coaching and specialist nurse interventions. We selected a cohort of people who were at high risk of being admitted again for COPD exacerbations. Every morning, patients were asked, via the tablet device, a range of health-specific questions and took readings for their blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and pulse.  These were automatically transmitted to their clinicians monitoring stations.  The software would then code a patient as either green, blue, amber or red and these codes alerted a respiratory nurse to intervene as appropriate. Results show a prevention of 164 emergency admissions, reducing the admissions per head from 3.13 to 1.02 per year. Patients saw an improvement in self-management, education and confidence.

For more detail, please click the link: British Journal of Healthcare Management – TotalCare



Cost Savings for Patients with Severe Breathlessness

We conducted further research into a cohort of patients with severe breathlessness using our CliniTouch Vie digital health service.

This time, we evaluated the service with the intention of establishing the impact across all emergency admission types, and replacing the health coaching in the previous study with a suite of education modules within the tablet device. This time, the CliniTouch Vie service reduced ‘all cause’ admissions from 2.0 admissions to 0.7 over a mean period of 222 days.  This equates to a net reduction of patient hospital admissions of 63.6%.  Further analysis showed the patient COPD Assessment Test (CAT) score to reduce by a statistically significant 15.9%. The costs savings to the health economy were also measured, and for every £1 spent on CliniTouch Vie, £4.84 was returned in savings, net of all costs.

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