Helping people to safely manage their lung condition

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme is designed for people with chronic lung conditions who experience symptoms of breathlessness, helping them to self-manage in the long-term.

Our aim is to improve the patient’s exercise tolerance, which in turn can help them to feel less tired and increases their confidence and independence when exercising.

Teaching patients practical coping skills will also help to reduce the risk of going into hospital, as they will have a better understanding of their symptoms. Overall, this exercise and education programme aims to empower patients with the knowledge to manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

Accessible for all

The journey begins with the patient getting referred to this programme by their healthcare professional. After an initial phone assessment, if they are eligible, they will have two options for completing the programme.

  • Face-to-face using our service local to them.
  • From home from their laptop/tablet/smart phone, using our platform, Clinitouch.

Being able to offer this service either in person, or virtually, means we are able to empower more people to take control of their own health, in an environment that suits them.

Our programme lasts for six weeks and includes two hours a week on two separate days, split into one hour on education and one hour on exercise. The patients are fully supported by our Respiratory team throughout the process.

How it works

Our 6-week programme is designed to increase patient’s activity levels and improve their quality of life. Topics include:

The importance of exercise

Lungs and COPD

Breathing technique

Treatment of COPD

Healthy eating and wellbeing

Living with COPD

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme launched in Staffordshire area

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