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We make it easy for the NHS to turn their ambitions into reality. Whether you’re looking at improving patient outcomes, reducing variation in prescribing or making cost efficiencies, we’ll work with you to deliver what you need.

Think of us as an extension to your medicines optimisation team, but with the added resource to make the desired change. We’ll support you by providing what you need to tackle your unique challenges head on – and all without taking up your team’s valuable time. Ready to work together? Simply get in touch.

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NHS Medicines Optimisation teams have got plenty to say about their positive experiences. Watch the video below and see why Active Implementation™ may be the solution, you’ve been looking for.

Tools & Services

We offer several different tools and services to medicines optimisation teams. As well as our tailored services, the following ‘off the shelf’ tools are also a good starting point for many of our projects.

Active Implementation™

Full end-to-end process capability.

Prescribing Savings Audit

Identify areas which need attention.

Quality product ranges

Cost-effective products with free Active Implementation™️

Pharma Collaborations

We also work with industry customers, by offering our Active Implementation™ end-to-end service.

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Our Approach

A partnership-based approach

We always start a conversation with your needs at the very heart of it. After all, we’re all about helping you identify opportunities to free up resources, improve patient outcomes and save money.

Saving you money

We have a number of services and products that help save the NHS money. For example, our free, no obligation prescribing savings audit will quickly identify opportunities where savings can be made.

Active Implementation

We deliver a tailored end to end service, carried out by our team of specialists to ensure minimal disruption is felt at primary care level. We work with you to analyse patient data, carry out clinical audits, patient reviews and training.

Therapy Areas

As well as offering medicines optimisation services across most therapy areas, we also have our own quality product ranges that can help save you money. Our diabetes, continence and wound care products can save the NHS an estimated combined £136m annually¹ and each product comes with a free Active Implementation service.


¹Data on file, Spirit Healthcare, Jan 2022.







Spirit Product Highlights

We support product adoption with complimentary medicines optimisation programmes.

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Next steps!

Our range of services are constantly evolving – both in their scope and capacity.

Email us at meds-op@spirit-health.com or fill in the contact form below. That way, you’ll find out more about our latest programmes or to work with us to create a new one.

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