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Why digital health?

A growing number of forward-looking NHS organisations are using CliniTouch Vie, our digital health solution, to help them improve the lives of patients. Together we are connecting patients and clinicians through technology to keep those with long-term conditions out of hospital. Patients love using CliniTouch Vie to monitor themselves safely at home, and their clinical teams welcome the ability to access this information, helping them decide who needs their care first, enabling them to effectively prioritise their workload. 

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CliniTouch Vie is most effective for people who have had a number of hospital admissions for their condition, or where patients could be discharged from hospital if there is a reliable way to monitor their progress and vital signs safely at home.

Our evidence is impressive! In our COPD cohort, CliniTouch Vie reduces non-elective admissions by 67% and 96% of patients feel more knowledgeable about their condition having used it.  96% of people feel more motivated to maintain a healthier lifestyle and 97% of users would recommend CliniTouch Vie to friends and family.


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CliniTouch Vie

Our evidence-based digital health platform uses remote monitoring and patient empowerment to help people stay out of hospital.

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Improving outcomes

CliniTouch Vie proactively improves outcomes by reducing hospital admissions, enhancing case management capacity, preventing acute exacerbations, improving efficiency and collaboration and promoting patient self-management, all using cloud based technology.


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