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We know that getting the right workforce in place can be a major barrier to delivering services like virtual wards and remote patient monitoring.

For patient services to be successful, they need to be in safe clinical hands. Staff need to be trained and support needs to be in place to help them manage additional caseloads. This is why our CQC-registered in-house clinical monitoring team is available to provide you with the flexible workforce you need.

Whether it’s supporting the initial launch whilst you find your feet, providing a wraparound service for weekend monitoring, or delivering the service in its entirety, we provide the experienced clinical support you need, for as long as you need it.

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What is the Clinical Monitoring Team?

Simply put, they’re a team of experienced clinicians who are on hand to help monitor patients using CliniTouch Vie. They’ve got decades of NHS experience behind them, and are fully trained.

The team of senior nurses monitor patients using CliniTouch Vie, reviewing question set data and looking for patients showing early signs of deterioration. If a red or amber alert is generated, they’ll follow up with the patient or carer to understand why, and then advise or escalate accordingly.

We’re already providing weekend monitoring for virtual ward patients, and supporting assisted living patients to manage their health remotely. So if getting the right workforce in place is one of your major sticking points, we’re on hand to help.

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